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What is the Repo Ninja® app?

The Repo Ninja app is the repossession industry’s first full-featured mobile application that enables repossession companies to manage and update assignments remotely in real time.

Repo Ninja gives recovery agents full-time, instant access to all of their assignment-related activity from their smartphone or tablet. When used in conjunction with MBSi’s iRepo and Re-Pros repossession assignment management software suites, assignment updates are synchronized across a user’s system of record in real time, speeding up workflow, and reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur when managing assignments manually.

Repo Ninja allows users to create and manage run lists, create asset condition reports, capture photos and signatures, and record and document asset recovery. All information is recorded directly within the application, and updated to the database in the user’s system of record in real time.

What does the Repo Ninja app cost?

Currently MBSi is offering the Repo Ninja app for $4.95 per user per month.

Is the Repo Ninja app available in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play?

Yes! The Android version of the Repo Ninja app is available on Google Play, you can download it here. The iOS version is available in Apple’s app store on iTunes, you can download it here.

How does Repo Ninja streamline my existing process?

Agents can extend their current assignment management process to their smartphone, which gives them greater flexibility in collecting and recording data while in the field and away from their truck.

Does Repo Ninja replace the laptop in my truck?

Maybe! Many of the tasks conducted on your laptop or desktop can be completed on your handheld device using Repo Ninja, but there may be some functions that still require completion on your laptop or desktop.

Is the Repo Ninja app Android and iOS compatible?

Yes, Repo Ninja is compatible with Android and the Apple iOS, and separate versions of the app are available for both platforms. You can download the Android version here, and the iOS version here.

How do I download and install the Repo Ninja app onto my device?

For Android, you first need to download the Repo Ninja app here and then contact the Repo Ninja sales team by email at, or call 602-864-7847 to complete the sign up process. To download and install the iOS version of Repo Ninja, click here. Then contact the Repo Ninja sales team by email at, or call 602-864-7847 to complete the sign up process.

Is the Repo Ninja app compatible with my device?

The Repo Ninja App is compatible with Android version 2.3 and higher, and iOS 6.1 and higher.

Do I need to subscribe to MBSi’s iRepo or Re-Pros repossession software suites to use the Repo Ninja app?

No, you can use the Repo Ninja app independently of iRepo and Re-Pros. However, Repo Ninja has expanded features and integration for iRepo and Re-Pros subscribers.

Is there a recommended device that works best with the Repo Ninja Application?

MBSi conducts Repo Ninja testing on Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones. While Repo Ninja is compatible with Android version 2.3 and higher, Repo Ninja has not been compatible with all Android device brands.

How much Data does Repo Ninja use?

Repo Ninja data consumption depends on each individual user and their job function; most data is used during photo capture.

Does my device’s camera make a difference in the size of picture taken?

Yes, the higher the photo quality setting the larger the picture file will be. Reducing the cameras picture quality to the lowest acceptable level will reduce upload speed and data consumption.

Are photos taken in Repo Ninja stored on my phone?

Pictures taken with the Repo Ninja app are stored on the Repo Ninja server, and can be accessed through Repo Ninja’s Photo Viewer function. All photos are automatically attached to the corresponding assignment in Re-Pros or iRepo under the attachments tab.

Does a large number of photos being stored on my device affect the overall speed and functionality of my phone or tablet?

Yes, MBSi recommends that you delete photos regularly.

Do I need a paid data plan in order to operate Repo Ninja?

No! Repo Ninja can be used on all Wi-Fi compatible devices.

How do I reset my four digit pin?

Your administrator can reset your pin in the user maintenance interface in iRepo or you can contact us at

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